Tour package 2 days-1 night

Only available for maximum 100 participants and minimum 30 participant

Day 1: Trip to Pacitan & Field visit

  • Pick up will available in Alana hotel (conference venue)
  • Travel to Pacitan (approximately 4 hours)
  • Acacia community based forest plantations visit. What to see: Acacia natural regeneration site, genetic trial, forest plantations. Lunch will available in field site
  • Check in hotel, dinner and meet and greet with the Mayor of Pacitan regency in Pendopo of Pacitan

day 1

Day 2: Srau Beach, Watu Karung Beach/ Gong Cave, Klayar Beach

  • Participants will leave the hotel after breakfast and head to beaches. Participants will be divided into 2 groups.
  • Group 1 will travel to Pantai Srau and Watu Karung Beach.
  • Group 2 will travel to Gong cave and Klayar Beach
  • Lunch boxes will be available and the trip will be ended by visiting Karst Museum in Wonogiri on the way back to Yogyakarta
  • Participants will be dropped in the agreed dropped points (Hotels, airport, other points).
  • End of the tour
Package Include : Package Exclude :
  • Transportation (Yogyakarta-Pacitan-Yogyakarta), driver, fuel
  • Entrance fee
  • 3x Meals (breakfast will be available at hotel), 4x snacks, mineral waters.
  • 1 night accommodation
  • T shirt and field hat
  • souvenir
  • Personal expenses
  • Expenses outside the program
  • Surfing gears (rental will be available at cost of approx. IDR. 50.000)

Cost of tour package = USD. 250/pax


Pacitan is a small town in the South of Java Island. It is located at the east of Yogyakarta city, about three hours travel using motorcycle from there. Pacitan’s contour is rather hill-like-mountain with small road,
Pacitan Regency regional is 1389,87 Km width, which condition of physical nature is mostly consisted of hilly that is about 85 % in form of small mounts.

Pacitan is dominated by marginal land. Pacitan covers 77,318 hectares of forest in which 97,35 % of them is community based forest managed by local people. The community forest of Acacia in Pacitan had been long history which was started in 1970’s through critical land rehabilitation’s program. In the beginning, a direct seeding system of Acacia in this program was spread by helicopter. Currently, the natural regeneration of the Acacia forest was still remained massively into wide range of area. Most local people routinely harvested the Acacia stand to collect the log for furniture and wood for energy such as charcoal. By the increasing of wood demand from Acacia forest, during the last ten years local people has started to make the Acacia plantation instead of the natural regeneration. To support the increases productivity and wood quality on community based forest plantation of A. mangium, silviculture trial and seedling seed orchard has been also established in Pacitan


The two days one nights (2d1n) fielddtrip is designed to visit Community based forest (mostly Acacia species), agroforestry practices, tourism object in Pacitan Indonesia and also visit local government office to meet head of Pacitan Local Government.

The tentative of field trip program are:
Day 1. Group traveling to Pacitan from Yogyakarta by approx. 2.5 hrs by traveling car. The first visting to agroforestry plantation and Acacia mangium developed plot at Pringkuku, Pacitan approx. 12.30pm. Then We will travel to Pacitan city (~1.5-2 hrs) to visit Local Government and lunch. In the afternoon, all participants will be arranged to check in to Hotel in Pacitan.
Day 2. Full day tour will be provided for free to all of the participants to enjoy the beautiful place and tourist attraction in Pacitan, There are two 2 choice tourism object interested.

1st option :

  • klayarKlayar beach has a beautiful panorama extends widely to the Indonesian Ocean. There are many rockies like spink in Mesir. The springkling waves rush to the mountain’s side like Niagara waterfall. It has an increadible sight in which the waves rush out to the beach through a hole spurting about 7 meters high and has a sound like a blowing bamboo flute. It has white sand, and the water is blue which is enjoyable to be visited. It is located in Sendang village, Donorojo subdistrict (about 50 km to the west of Pacitan, 60 minutes from the city). Klayar beach can be regarded as the beach that suitable for surfing. At certain times, the waves that exist are very suitable for surfing. In addition, the bluish panoramic and white sandy beach will pamper your to stay longer at this place.
  • goa-gongGoa Gong or Gong Cave is the most beautiful cave in Pacitan; it said to be the most tremendous cave in Java Island and even in Southeast Asia. This is because the exotic of this cave is more precious than any ot
    her cave in Java Island. Gong Cave has stalactite and stalagmite that is said becomes the most beautiful one in Southeast Asian. It has about 256 m depth. The entrence cave is in the form of short hallway that full of Stalactites and the Stalagmites; those Stalactites and the Stalagmites are connecting the entrence and the dome cave.


2 nd option:

  • srauSrau beach is resides in Candi village, Pringkuku district region, Pacitan Regency, which about 25 km towards west of Pacitan city. It is reachable by public transportation and personal vehicle.
    This white sandy beach is suited for fishing, sun bathing, swimming activity, etc. The tourists can do those activity and enjoy the beach scenery. It has beautiful scenery and the sea waves struck white sand.
    Its beautiful scenery is also equipped with facility of rushing for visitor. Along the beach, there are lots of colorful stones which glow their colour. Natural fishing while enjoying the large sea.
    The coconut leaves are great the visitors and feel sea wind around it.
  • watu-karungWatu Karung Beach Pacitan is one of the beaches in Pacitan district that has a natural beauty that is quite interesting. Because Watu Karung position facing directly into the Indian Ocean would not be surprised if the waves in Watu Sacks big enough. Big waves this is becoming one of the main attraction for foreign tourists to conquer the waves typical of the south coast of the island of Java.
    The waves in this Watu Karung Beach Pacitan can reach a height of up to four meters with type reef break waves in which types of waves like this is preferable for surfers. In the year 2009, Indonesia’s top surfers Rizal Tanjung invites Bruce Irons, winner of the Rip Curl Pro Search in 2008 to try and prove that the waves Watu Karung is a world-class waves. Now Watu Karung has been known throughout the world, especially for the lovers of surfing, it does not escape from the role of the top surfers in which a photo of Bruce irons which was surfing in Watu Karung made in Cover a leading international magazine (Waves).

Day 3. Participants go back to Jogjakarta, and in the way visit to World karst museum is located in the Gebangharjo village, Definition of Karst by Wikipedia is a form of the earth’s surface are generally characterized by the cave, surface drainage, and closed depression. This area is formed mainly by dissolving rock, mostly limestone. Karst in the form of limestone mountains stretching from regencies of Wonogiri, Pacitan, and Gunung Kidul. World karst museum was built for the purpose of providing information about the karst region to all parties for the sake of science, education, educative tourism, conservation and community empowerment.

What to bring
The part of the field trip will be spent walking over rough or wet ground, therefore please wear walking boots and bring waterproofs in case of wet conditions. A sunhat, sun cream and mosquito repellent are also recommended.