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BC workshop announcement draft 1

Biological control in tropical hardwood plantations Plantation forests of Australian hardwood species in South-East Asia now exceed 7M ha. The viability of these plantations is increasingly threatened by diseases and pests. Biological control is a sustainable option for the management of these pests and diseases. Workshop Themes: Principles of Biocontrol Biocontrol of insect pests Biocontrol of diseases Case studies Abstract Submission: 28th April, 2017 Funding support is available for 1-2.... Read More


Acacia mangium is native to Australia; Indonesia; and Papua, New Guinea, but now has a wider latitudinal and longitudinal range. Introduced in Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Malaysia, Nepal, and the Philippines, Acacia mangium is a low-elevation species associated with rain forest margins and disturbed, well-drained acid soils (pH 4.5–6.5). Altitudinal range is from sea level to more than 100 meters (328 feet), with an upper limit of.... Read More