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Guidelines for Abstract submission

Please set up your abstracts according to the given format at this website. You are also expected to send a brief biography together with the Abstract. If you have any technical issue or you need any further assistance in submitting your abstract, please contact:


(Introduction) Recent research suggests that chemicals sent from roots in the transpiration stream could control leaf expansion, and that xylem sap from plants in dry and saline soil contain increased amounts of growth inhibitor, or decreased amounts of growth promoter. (Method) In order to test these possibilities, a bioassay that could detect the presence of growth regulators in xylem sap was developed using whole shoots of wheat and barley seedlings. (Result) The bioassay showed that xylem sap collected from intact, transpiring plants in a drying soil contained a strong growth inhibitor. (Result/Discussion) The inhibitory substance was not abscisic acid: while the concentration of abscisic acid in the sap rose as the soil dried, the highest concentration found, 4 × 10-8 M, was too low to inhibit leaf expansion. The identity of the new inhibitor is unknown.

Presenting author details
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Don’t forget to specify:

  • The session you are submitting your abstract for. Also state your preference for oral or poster presentation.
  • Your “Registration Summary Reference”, which you will find in the e-mail sent to you to following the registration procedure (pdf format).

Note: Each registered attendee may submit and present one abstract only.

If your abstract is selected for a talk and poster, registration and payment procedure should be completed for final validation (IUFRO INAFOR 2017)

Abstract recommendations

  • The abstract must be in English,
  • 40 words maximum for title and 400 words maximum for main text.
  • For each author, last name, first and second name and affiliations are required.
  • The presenting author e-mail address is required.
  • Please use the format below to enter information about authors :
    Author1 Aa, Author2 Bb* and Author3 Ca,b (presenting author with a star) aAffiliation for Author 1; b Affiliation for Author 2

Talk recommendations

  • The submitting author will receive all correspondence concerning the abstract. The submitting author is responsible for informing the other authors of the status of the abstract(s).
  • All oral presentations will be allocated a strict 15 minute presentation slot, including questions
  • All accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Handbook, a copy of which (electronic format) will be available to all delegates attending the Conference.
  • Should you wish to use your own laptop or if your presentation requires any special equipment, please advise the Conference Manager
  • An audio visual technician will be available in each presentation room (both before and during each presentation) to assist with any questions

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

Poster presentations are an excellent mechanism to facilitate the rapid communication of scientific ideas. Poster presentations should visually guide viewers through the basics of the study displayed on the poster board while the presenter focuses on explanation and clarification of the key elements of the work and answers viewer questions. The poster presentation format is less formal and more interactive than an oral presentation.Though posters must be displayed for the entire day, poster presenters are only required to be present at their poster board during the assigned time of their poster presentation.

During the sessions, presenters are expected to stand by their poster/exhibition in order to discuss their research/design project with the viewers. The poster presentations will be on continuous display throughout the conference

Poster Session and Schedule
Poster sessions will take place at various times throughout each day. All poster sessions will take place at the main hall. Posters are displayed for the entire day, although presenters are only required to be present at their board during their assigned presentation time.

Poster size: The poster should not exceed A0 format (841mm wide x 1189 mm deep or  33.11 inches wide x 46.81 inches deep) in portrait (vertical) layout only

Authors are encouraged to:
Include a photo of themselves on the poster so that they can be easily identified by the poster viewers.
Print several copies of their posters in A4 format and hang these up in an envelope on their designated poster board. This will make communication and future collaborations easier and more visible.

Guidelines for the preparation of an IUFRO • INAFOR document


Proceeding of IUFRO INAFOR Joint International Conference 2017


Activities Deadlines
Full paper should be submitted 31 December 2017
Scientific Committee reviewing full paper 31 January 2018
Authors revising/correcting the manuscript (based on scientific committee comments) 28 February 2018
Authors resubmitting final full paper along with consent form 31 March 2018
Draft 1 of  Proceeding 30 April 2018
Proofreading 1-29 May 2018
Final draft of Proceeding of IUFRO INAFOR Joint International Conference 2017 30 May 2018


For guidelines for preparation of an IUFRO INAFOR Document can be download here


  1. Full papers should be written in English and should be a maximum length of 10 pages or 3000 words.
  2. Please find and use the template provided for IUFRO INAFOR JOINT INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2017 papers
  3. Pictures and graphs should be  clearly presented.
  4. Full paper should ONLY be submitted in WORD document by 30th  December 2017 via email to:
  5. Author should make sure to review the final version before submitting. Committee will only receive final draft, revision would not be processed after submission.
  6. Submitted full paper will be reviewed by Scientific Committee.
  7. Reviewed full paper will be sent back to authors with comments from Scientific Committee to enhance the quality of the paper.
  8. Only accepted and presented full papers (oral and poster) will be published in proceeding